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The Royal Deluxe Violin Case


Product Information

Very Nice Forenza Viola Outfit 15 inch
Size: 4/4

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Great Student Outfit - Well Played In


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Product Description

Hand carved from selected tonewoods, Forenza bodies feature solid ebony fingerboards and chin rests. The well fitted bridge results in consistent string height, suited for students and new starters. I have tweaked the set up of the viola personally and it is ready to play. Ebony pegs, nuts and saddles are fitted as standard, I have fitted a set of good quality strings and you can tell from the sound clip that this viola produces a very nice mellow tone. Four integral adjusters on the tailpiece allow for fine tuning.

The outfit includes a robust yet lightweight case with durable handle, adjustable backpack style straps, secure zip fasteners and exterior pocket. Inside the case is a space for two bows, a velcro neck strap and a small accessory pocket for your rosin etc.

The bow that comes with this outfit is of a very nice quality, straight with an ebony frog and natural white horsehair. It plays really well.
£120.00 + £12.00 p&p

Full 12 month warranty

£132.00 is the total amount as no other charges apply

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