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Amber Stradivari Style Violin


Product Information

Nice Old Czech Violin Circa 1920
Size: 4/4

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Good Condition - Powerful Tone


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Product Description

Nice Old Czech Violin 4/4
This is a very nice Czech violin, full size and dating from around 1920. It's in good condition with no repairs. Easy to play and produces a strong, rich tone, great projection. It's quite dark in colour, a rich brown and I have fitted high quality synthetic strings (Tonica) which do a very good job of warming up the tone of this really quite loud violin. The bridge is of a high quality, the fingerboard is of ebony, the back, scroll and neck made from matching striped maple and I have fitted a light weight tailpiece with integral fine tuners for ease of tuning. Have a listen to the sound clip. This is a great violin and will suit players at every level. A good carbon fibre bow, some rosin, a shoulder rest and a light foam case will be included free of charge. There is a £12.00 postage fee making the total cost £962.00.

12 month full warranty applies.
Contact me if you have any questions.

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